Parcel Sort

and delivery bags


toogo™ parcel sort and delivery bags are used in operations throughout Europe, bringing efficiency to the last mile and parcel returns processes. These durable, fold-flat bags can be designed to suit all storage and racking formats, and neatly stored when not in use.

  • Bespoke formats
  • High performance materials
  • European Distribution

We work with operations throughout Europe to understand their parcel sort and delivery processes and introduce efficiencies through smart sort and delivery bags. Offering totally bespoke designs, our development team based at our design centre in Milton Keynes, create bags to meet the exact process requirements of your operation. From stitching detail, backpack solutions and handles to sizing, branding, barcode printing and material choices, we will achieve a solution to add value to your sort and delivery process.

These bags also provide an excellent returns solution in retail operations for ecommerce items returned to store, and then transferred to a central returns or sort centre.

Our European storage and distribution enable consolidation and fast service to multinational operations.


Have an idea in mind?

Using sort and delivery bags in your operation? Delivery drivers struggling with handfuls of parcels? Parcel delivery vehicles loaded inefficiently? Parcel damage rate high? Parcel sort storage solutions ineffective? We’d love to talk through your processes and together create a container solution that adds value to your operation.